The Pearson Center Laboratories - Tomorrow

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Candice Contet's Tomorrow

An important goal of our research is to identify novel proteins contributing to ethanol dependence, beyond neuromodulators and their receptors. We are particularly interested in uncovering the effects of chronic ethanol exposure and abstinence on the extracellular matrix, on the microtubule cytoskeleton and on the proteome of excitatory synapses.


Oliver George's Tomorrow

The George lab is currently performing preclinical studies for the future development of novel therapeutic approaches including Deep Brain Stimulation, Optogenetics, Chemogenetics and Precision medicine.


Remi Martin-Fardon's Tomorrow

 The laboratory aims are to advance the understanding of the implication of the hypocretin system in cocaine- and alcohol-seeking behavior.


Barbara Mason's Tomorrow

Findings of reduced drinking, relapse, and improved mood and sleep with gabapentin in recently abstinent alcoholics by the Mason lab has lead to a pivotal trial in support of FDA approval for a long acting form of gabapentin (gabapentin enacarbil, Horizont) as a new treatment for alcohol use disorder.


Courtney Miller's Tomorrow

The Miller Laboratory hopes to harness the mechanisms that make methamphetamine memories selective vulnerable and apply them to other pathogenic memories.


Michael Taffe's Tomorrow

Vaccines have shown promise in reducing the effects of drugs in research models but more needs to be learned about how to apply this therapy in the arc of addiction. The Taffe Laboratory collaborates with the Janda Laboratory to determine how vaccination against methamphetamine and novel designer stimulants ("bathsalts") may best be used to fight addiction.